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Snaps for every occasion

You'll find snaps of the highest quality with us, and we've been serving them in large quantities since 1671. At Café Gammeltorv, you'll find that the staff not only has extensive knowledge about our various snaps but also a shared love for the craftsmanship behind the products. On the menu, you'll discover that we have the classic snaps as well as the truly special ones, which we can almost guarantee you've never heard of.

Over 35 snaps

Open sandwiches and snaps at Café Gammeltorv

At Café Gammeltorv, we believe that creating unique dining experiences is about being skilled at combining different flavors, textures, and scents. Based on several hundred years of experience, we have specialized in creating the perfect combinations of open sandwiches and snaps, which together form a higher unity.

We don't just see snaps as the catalyst for a buzz but as a unique work of art with a history behind it. Snaps is broadly classified as a Northern European type of brandy, which can be traced back in writing to the 13th century. Therefore, if you're looking for a lunch with friends, your partner, a party, or your company, we guarantee a lunch of the highest quality with everything good for the palate.

Snaps og smørrebrød hos Café Gammeltorv

Snaps and open sandwiches at Café Gammeltorv

If you'd like to host an event, we're ready with the coziest surroundings. We're flexible and would be happy to create the framework for a great day or evening where you and your company can taste everything from A to Z within snaps. Whatever the occasion, you're always welcome to come by and enjoy an open sandwich lunch with a good beer and a simple snaps.

We have ample experience in servicing events such as birthdays, receptions, weddings, corporate events, and much more. Just like you know from our lunch, we take pride in choosing the best ingredients, and we make a large part of our food ourselves. The water of life - also known as snaps - is therefore offered in more than 35 varieties at Café Gammeltorv, where you can choose everything from spiced to seasonal snaps, served both chilled and at room temperature.

Snaps and open sandwiches
Explore a universe of snaps at Café Gammeltorv
Explore a universe of snaps

Explore a universe of snaps at Café Gammeltorv

We have a snaps for every taste. That means you can enjoy the classic aquavit with caraway, dill, or bog myrtle, or perhaps delve into our selection, which is more pronounced in its flavors. Here, we have a large selection of snaps aged in sherry and oak barrels, among others. You can enjoy the snaps ice-cold or at room temperature, so the different nuances come to the fore - just the way you like it. We continuously change and update our selection of snaps while also holding onto the classic snaps that are indispensable in our eyes and in the eyes of many Danes.

You might be wondering what lies behind our immense love for Danish open sandwiches and everything that comes with them. If you'd like to know more about Café Gammeltorv, our products, ingredients, and much more, you can read about the history behind it here.


Gammeltorv 20
1457 København K

Tlf:+45 3312 8786
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CVR: 39684098

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 – 17:00
Sunday from 12:00 – 16:00

The kitchen closes at 16:00

About Cafe Gl. Torv

Café Gammeltorv is owned and run by the couple Steen Hovn Petersen and Fabienne Sørensen. All of the food is made from scratch of the best produce and none the least made with love.