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Open Sandwiches from the City's Oldest Square

Gammeltorv is (as the name also indicates) the oldest existing square in Copenhagen, and our premises' history dates all the way back to the 17th century when there was a tavern and serving of drinks. Today, the restaurant is still preserved as a cozy time capsule in the heart of Copenhagen, where we welcome guests inside the restaurant or outside, overlooking the square – when they pick up their takeaway from us.

Smørrebrød som takeaway
Open Sandwiches as Takeaway

Open sandwiches as takeaway

At Café Gammeltorv, we make classic and aesthetic open sandwiches for all guests – including those who want to take their high-topped arrangements as takeaway. Our open sandwiches are made in the old-fashioned way, where we make the brine for our matured herring, peel the shrimp, mix the mayonnaise, and chop the tartare. This way, we give our guests the most authentic experience while proudly calling ourselves open sandwich chefs.

Our beautiful and historic restaurant undoubtedly contributes to giving our guests a complete experience, but our refined and well-prepared dishes can certainly preserve the history of good craftsmanship and homemade taste experiences, and therefore, we now also offer our high-topped craftsmanship as takeaway.


Classic Danish delicacies

At Café Gammeltorv, we have a wide selection of open sandwiches that can be ordered as takeaway or enjoyed in our restaurant, as well as at the tables facing Gammeltorv. Our menu offers everything from delicacies that taste like they were plucked directly from Danish soil to open sandwiches with 'all good from the sea' on our homemade rye bread. If you prefer the former Danish classics, our menu contains some favorites, in the form of potato open sandwiches with new Danish potatoes, pork tenderloin from free-range pigs with either mushroom sauce or bacon and caramelized onions, "pariserbøf" and two types of roast beef with either remoulade, horseradish, fried onions, or with caramelized onions and fried egg.

Our sea classics include our various homemade, matured herrings with different types of capers, smoked salmon from Iceland, smoked eel, hand-peeled shrimp, and plaice fillet in the classic sense as well as part of a "stjerneskud" (star shot). All our fish can, of course, be ordered as takeaway if you want to take the catch home.

Wine, Port Wine, and Bubbles

Securely packed takeaway

At Café Gammeltorv, we always ensure that our guests go on a bit of a taste journey and have an aesthetic experience when they take a bite of our traditional high-topped open sandwiches.

Therefore, we also pack your open sandwiches as securely as possible so that you can experience the same authentic taste and aesthetics as when you eat in our restaurant. However, the trees do not grow into the sky, so we recommend that you handle the box with your order gently and do not take your lunch on a bike ride – for example, through Copenhagen's cobblestone streets. If the sun is shining, you can, therefore, advantageously enjoy your takeaway at the fine old square just around the corner, overlooking the Caritas Well, Copenhagen's oldest fountain.

Our takeaway must always be ordered in advance, as we make everything from scratch and may experience delivery time, so all our guests can have completely fresh open sandwiches. If you want a larger order for a gathering, you can call us, as for larger events, we may charge a deposit. Read more under Good to Know. We look forward to welcoming you, whether it is to sit and enjoy food and drinks in the restaurant or to pick up takeaway.


Gammeltorv 20
1457 København K

Tlf:+45 3312 8786
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CVR: 39684098

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 – 17:00
Sunday from 12:00 – 16:00

The kitchen closes at 16:00

About Cafe Gl. Torv

Café Gammeltorv is owned and run by the couple Steen Hovn Petersen and Fabienne Sørensen. All of the food is made from scratch of the best produce and none the least made with love.