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Copenhagen's best open sandwiches

Open sandwiches have once again become popular in Copenhagen's café and restaurant scene, where many are rediscovering the essence of Nordic cuisine. Guests increasingly demand good dining places where they can sit in calm and café-like surroundings and enjoy aesthetically satisfying and flavorful, freshly made open sandwiches.

At Café Gammeltorv, we have preserved the historical values in our dishes, but we still strive to create renewal and embrace all types of topping enthusiasts or guests who want to try Copenhagen's best open sandwiches.

Copenhagen's Best lunch

Café Gammeltorv since 1795

Gammeltorv is the oldest square in Copenhagen, and the building that now houses Café Gammeltorv dates back to 1795, constructed atop the old moat surrounding Copenhagen's former town hall. Since 1671, the address has been a place of serving drinks, and we still honor this tradition today by pampering you and your open sandwiches with the best-poured, frothy draft beer or a cellar-cold bottle of beer, specially selected to complement our menu. Our selection of beers, both bottled and on tap, includes everything from pilsner, ale, and porter, and our waiters are always ready to help you find a beer to your taste.

In addition to our historical location, we also take great pride in preserving the café's original settings and history because we believe our guests should have an authentic experience with the best open sandwiches in cozy and spacious surroundings.

Smørrebrød med reastbeaf
OVER 100 YEARS OF traditional danish lunch

Tradition-Rich Open Sandwiches

The national and tradition-rich lunch emerged in the 19th century, and from 1880, the first menu in Copenhagen featuring the dish appeared. The high-topped version probably emerged from the "klunker" era, known as a short historical period when exaggerated ornamentation and splendor were practiced, which likely influenced Danish food traditions. At Café Gammeltorv, we largely practice this high-topped tradition because we believe that the best open sandwiches should not only be tasty and freshly made but also visually satisfying.

Today, open sandwiches have become as popular as they were in the 1920s and 1930s, when this dish had its heyday. The high-topped dish has even adorned Danish stamps and came in second place when Denmark's national dish was to be crowned. In the streets, more cafés are popping up with menus offering potato open sandwiches and "stjerneskud." At Café Gammeltorv, we also feel the growing interest in mouth-watering topping arrangements, and as one of the oldest lunch spots in Copenhagen, we are also continuously recognized for serving the best open sandwiches in the city – by both guests and critics.

Handcrafted Open Sandwiches
Hånndlavet smørrebrød

Open sandwiches where everything is handcrafted

Our dishes are made from scratch with homemade rye bread, herring we mature ourselves in old-fashioned style, homemade mayonnaise and remoulade, and new Danish potatoes, guaranteeing the taste. Naturally, we only serve the best quality for our guests, so we make everything ourselves. Our many table reservations testify to high quality, and when we serve Copenhagen's best open sandwiches to our guests, we ensure the extra good service – we don't take that for granted. At Café Gammeltorv, we promise that you will have the same pleasant and flavorful experience every time you visit.


Gammeltorv 20
1457 København K

Tlf:+45 3312 8786
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CVR: 39684098

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 – 17:00
Sunday from 12:00 – 16:00

The kitchen closes at 16:00

About Cafe Gl. Torv

Café Gammeltorv is owned and run by the couple Steen Hovn Petersen and Fabienne Sørensen. All of the food is made from scratch of the best produce and none the least made with love.